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Roofing Company Automation System

Do More with What You Have

Roof Pro A.I.’s full-service approach provides seamless
integration with your current apps and software. If you do not already have software or apps in place, our full-service team will setup and activate the necessary software based on your company’s specific needs and processes.

Close More Roof Contracts Faster

Minimize lost sales opportunities with Roof Pro A.I.’s
automated workflows, ensuring no prospects are left
behind throughout the sales process.

Stop Wasting Time with Missed

Roof Pro A.I.’s appointment confirmation feature
provides multiple courtesy reminders to both the sales rep
and the prospect.

Minimize Past Due Collections

Manage your Billing, Collections, and Accounts
Receivable department with Roof Pro A.I.’s invoicing
workflow feature.

Follow Up and Rehash Automation

86% of all sales occur on or after the 5 th interaction with
the prospect. Increase closing ratios with Roof Pro A.I.’s
exclusive follow up campaign and rehash workflow

Next Level Roofing AI Technology

RoofPro AI systems revolutionize the roofing industry by streamlining processes, optimizing material estimates, enhancing project management, and providing data-driven insights. They improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, driving overall growth.

Customized Management Features for Roofing Companies

6+ Management Solutions for Efficiency and Automation

Production Department

Customized processes to operate your production department more effectively.

Recruiting and Hiring

Automate recruiting, hiring, on- boarding, and new-hire training.

Marketing and Leads

Organize leads and marketing campaigns while qualifying and assigning new contacts to sales reps with round robin feature.

Team Collaboration

Automatically combines your team’s ability to communicate into one platform. Manage Emails, SMS,
Phone Calls, Voicemail, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and more.

Customer Service

Provide exceptional customer service experience while posing as a live human.


Automate acquiring reviews, testimonials, and survey processes.


The First and Only AI system designed for the roofing industry.